Tuesday, July 27, 2010


For over a year now we have been using the most amazing pet services though a company called "Fetch!"
To get to their website go to fetchpetcare.com/petco
They are completely professional- a bonded, and insured company with trained people working there who are all back ground checked. I won't go on and on, just check it out for yourself! We usually have our sitter (whom we interviewed and met at our house before we actually used her) come out in the morning and evening. She will play with the cats, pet them, brush them and clean the litter box and feed them. We have left Porter alone for a couple of days before and when we came back he was pretty ticked with us and made that clear. When we come back after using Fetch! he runs to greet us and is so happy. I get the peace of mind knowing someone is checking in on the house and the cats twice a day and knowing if anything goes wrong I have someone to personally call and they can be there when I need. If we decide to stay on vacation a couple of extra days we can just call and extend our services. If we are unable to get the cat to a vet visit we can call them to pick up the cat and take them there to the vet and back home. They are for any pet and we highly recommend them.
We will be going on vacation soon and will be using their services again. This is the first time we will have Charlie and Porter alone together for so long, so I am glad to know they will have someone checking on them. Whether you have a cat or dog, check out this company for your pet care needs!

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