Tuesday, February 8, 2011

human food is loved by all

It is awesome being a human! We all joke about how great it would be to be a dog or cat and lay around all day while someone bathes you, feeds you, pets you, and basically adores you- but really, most of us would have it hard when it came to dinner time. Canned meat in a gravy sauce that smells like trash... um no thanks!

Think about how many animals love human food- fish will eat everything from cheese whiz squeezed from a can to a granola bar (I have personally witnessed this). Bears will kill somebody for a pack of hot dogs, and a mouse will put their lives on the line for a smear of peanut butter.

We get to eat whatever we want, and also a wide variety of foods. My poor cats get the same dry food for lunch and canned meat for dinner every night. No wonder they are always trying to sneak a way to get some of our food.

For Porter, dairy is his weakness. If I am eating yogurt, ice cream, or a bowl of cereal he will sit really close to me pretending to not be paying attention to my food. He will sit facing away from me and every now and then turn his head around to check my progress. When I am finished he and I have an agreement I will put the bowl on the floor and he can clean the dish for me. Cats are not supposed to have cow's milk so I do not do this frequently, but as a small treat for him every now and then.

Charlie is a hard-core carnivore. If I get the chicken out he is whimpering and asking me for a bite. The first few weeks we had him he nearly fought Mark for his plate of chicken. He soon learned he was not getting any chicken from us, so he relaxed. We eat canned tuna in water, so when we drain the water from the can we put it in a bowl and both cats love this tuna-flavored treat. If they see a can or hear the can opener they run to their food bowls waiting for it.

One of the funniest things I have seen with Charlie is he got a hold of some broccoli. You would have thought it was his favorite thing. He was flipping it up in the air, pawing it around, and then eating some of it. He really enjoyed that. Today I was cleaning some parsley and when I dropped some on the floor, he was all over it. Again he was playing with it and that made Porter curious/jealous so he had to come and try some. Neither of them really ate it, they just shred parsley all over the floor.
Porter helping me blog