Thursday, July 22, 2010

Charlie's big night

Well, it was an uneventful night last night... which is great news! We finally felt like Charlie was ready to stay out in the living room with Porter last night rather that sleeping in his nursery (the guest bathroom).
We cleared out anything that he might want to play with or accidentally knock down. And, we covered the sofa with sheets to protect it from scratching. Porter doesn't scratch the furniture and so far Charlie doesn't either but I have seen him climbing the arms with his nails because he is too small to jump that high, for now!
I was expecting things to go well and it seems that is what happened. They are alive and well and my house looks the same as it did before bed last night! Woo hoo! We will be so glad to get him out in the rest of the house and out of the bathroom. He has a few nights to prove himself then we can do a test run for being out during the day while we are at work.
The main two reasons we were confining him were: a) he was so young and we didn't know if Porter would try to harm him while we weren't watching, and b) he has been sick from the first day we brought him home and we were trying to make sure he rested and didn't over work his little body.
Charlie is all well now and Porter has proven he is a trustworthy cat. We are getting there! This morning it was so nice to be woken up by little Charlie rubbing his face all over me. I think this is what kittens do to find their moms when they are newborns, and he now reverts to that when he is happy and showing affection. And he purrs and kneads you, your shirt, your leg, a blanket, even the floor if you watch him eat. It is funny to see him eat and purr and knead with his feet all at the same time. I say that is a content cat!

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