Friday, July 16, 2010

Cat Mom

I can't believe I was ever a cat-hater. Yes, I admit it. I really did not like them. REALLY did not like them. In fact I thought they were evil and spiteful and hated the way they stared at me. Growing up with dogs, fish, hermit crabs and gerbils left me unknowing to the ways of cats. That said, when I did encounter cats I had bad experiences involving fangs and claws.

What changed? Well, I guess I did. One day my husband suggested getting a cat and I don't remember what my initial reaction was but I am sure that I made a sarcastic comment about the idea. Since then we have adopted 2 male cats which we have named Porter and Prince Charles. I will go into the details of each one's adoption stories another day. So, I guess that makes me a 'cat mom'.

Just like a responsible parent would, I find myself reading books about cats and when I think there is a problem or if I have a question I will go to other cat parents and the web to seek advice about the situation. I also take loads of pictures of my two buddies. I love to compare stories with other cat parents, and also human parents ;) These guys make me laugh and have made me cry like a baby when something goes wrong with them. My vet must think I am much too sensitive for this job. If I had my head shrunk the doc would probably tell me that I have unconscious desires to start a family and that I am channeling my motherly instincts into these two cats as if they were real children of mine. Yes, I am aware of this and, No, I do not care.

My husband puts up with my cat love affair very well. We made a deal that as long as the house is clean and looks mostly cat-free... if it makes me happy then it makes him happy. He says he likes them, but I know he loves them. I see the way they look at him as if to say, "don't worry, Dad. We won't tell Mom your secret." One day I will come home to the three of them all sharing a pillow or something but until then I will just pretend like I don't know what is really going on.

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