Saturday, October 30, 2010

it is time for Halloween

As much as I would love to dress my cats in cute costumes I don't because I know it will end in bloodshed. Instead, we did our pumpkin design this year in honor of the cats... you like?

Well, I have been working on some small projects around the house these days and it just seems that I cannot finish anything. One project I was especially excited about was some wall shelves I was setting up so that the cats had some vertical space to climb and play. This, too, has not gone so well. I have the shelves. They are cut to size. I have the materials to wall-mount them. We tried to set them up last night and there were some difficulties with the wall anchors. Oh, please! Can't I finish something successfully?!

Besides my home improvement frustrations... everything is going great here. Tomorrow is Halloween and if the trend continues, Mark will buy candy and get really excited for approximately 0.5 children to show up at the door trick-or-treating. Yes, that is right, 0.5, as in one-half. Last year we had our first kid at the door since 07' so... more candy for us! Happy Halloween