Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We're Back

Back from vacation! We had a great trip and came home to two very hungry and happy-to-see-us kitties. Thank you Erica at Fetch!
It is becoming a habit these days when Mark gets to sleep in that he will get up and open the bedroom door to let the boys in our room. There is heavy-footed Porter who likes to walk right across your stomach to greet you. Little Charlie goes straight for Mark. He likes to rub Mark's chin and his stubble for a nice little scratch in the morning (well, actually any time Mark will allow it). They both want to be pet and talked to, but ultimately they want us up and out of bed to go feed them. Fatties, I tell you!
We are down to only one sheet on the sofa over the arm where the little newbie would most likely try to scratch while we are away at work. I want to try to get some of the no-scratch double sided tape. It is a large roll about the width of duck tape and being double sided you can place it where they are likely to scratch or walk where they shouldn't and it is supposed to annoy them- they don't like the sticky feeling on their paws. As soon as I can find some I will take the sheet off and try that out as a last step to train Charlie to be like his well behaved older brother, Porter.
And there is good news- Charlie has his appetite back! He is always hungry now and happy to sit and eat everything and then asking for more. Porter looks like he is losing some weight...hmmm... I wonder if Charlie is sneaking food from Porter :)

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