Monday, July 19, 2010

...and then Prince Charles

I wanted another cat. Plain and simple. Why not? They are cute and I enjoy one so two would be twice the fun.

First we started searching websites for different adoption programs for cats and local shelters. We found that the local SPCA had pictures of cats that were up for adoption on the website and fell in love with a few so we went for a visit. On the first visit I found so many kitties in cages meowing at me very disturbing. I admit I got choked up. There were kittens playing with each other and some cats that were trying to get your attention as you walked by in the way of calling for you and sticking their arms out of the cage. It was so sad.
We went back a few times and on the fourth visit I was looking through the cages and there were so many pretty cats.... and then there was "Prince".
Prince was a sad sight. He was very dirty looking and sat very quietly in the same spot the whole time. He just stared out of the cage with a very heart-breaking look on his little face.
"Prince" in his cage at the SPCA
The worker there told me how sweet he was and that I should hold him. She took him out of the cage and in less than 5 minutes I decided to adopt him and take him home. The next day he had his neutering and I came to pick up a quiet and very placid kitten. He was sick which was why he was so mellow for a kitten. Well, we nursed him back to health for a couple of weeks and now he is a completely different cat, in a good way!
Mark calls him "train wreck". I call him "dirty boy". He has strange litter box habits and doesn't quite groom himself the way most cats would. He is a ball of energy and loves to stalk you and then jump at you with all four legs off the ground. He purrs so much and loves to be held and sit with you. I am looking forward to when he outgrows his kitten nursery (the guest bathroom) and gets free reign of the house. He adores Porter and loves to go find him first thing when he gets let out of his room in the mornings. They are happy to share a food bowl but Porter does have to keep him in line with some paw swipes and cat bites every now and then.
Prince Charles, aka Charlie, meeting Porter

I have wanted to use the name Charlie for him because of the you-tube video of "Charlie bit my finger". Mark and I just laughed and laughed at that video and I grew to love the name.
Since he was already named Prince from his previous owners I added Charles to it. So, Prince Charles, aka Charlie, welcome to the family!

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