Thursday, August 12, 2010

posing for the camera

I just love how animals look in photos. When you can catch their personality through a picture it makes me smile. I love the photos of dogs with their tongues hanging out and that goofy look in their face. If I wasn't worried about what my husband were to think about it- I would have pictures and paintings of my kitty boys all over the house (OK, I have 2) because they make me laugh and smile. Just see for yourself:
Charlie catching Zzzzz's

Squinty Sleep Eye

"Please, not so close"

Porter found a perch

Every time I reach for the camera when they are doing something funny I always miss the shot. Today Porter and Charlie were grooming each other and wrestling all the the same time. Charlie always goes for the throat and Porter always uses the hind leg kicks to the head. They have been watching too much MMA with their dad...

1 comment:

  1. OMG, you're like me taking hundreds of pictures of the cats. It's addictive. I love it. Please post more. I know to a non-cat lover, they're only cats but cat lovers we know they're so much more than that.....feed a dog and they think you're a god. Feed a cat, well they think they're a god!