Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Independence Day

March 23rd, 2011... Independence day (for my cats).
They have been cooped up in our bedroom ever since Friday morning. I set up their scratch posts, toys, food and water, and the (new!) litter box in our bathroom. I raised the blinds on the windows so they had plenty to look at during their incarceration.

Friday after work I came home to greet two confused cats. Why were they left in the room all day and what is that super scary noise out there?

See, we have been doing some work on the house and with everything going on it hasn't been safe for the cats out in the living areas of the house. There was wood floors being scraped, concrete being grinded and strange people in and out. Porter is really sensitive to changes so I made sure to give him Lysine powder in his food to keep any sickness at bay while he is so stressed. I guess when cats get stressed it suppresses their immune system and then they are very susceptible to an upper respiratory viral infection. We almost lost Porter last summer when he became gravely ill during the whole introduction of baby Charlie.

Monday and Tuesday nights the boys had to spend the night alone in the bedroom without us there. When we came home in the mornings to check on them they wanted so badly to get out of that room. I felt so bad having them trapped, but it was for their own safety.

This morning I checked and the floors were done and dry and they were finally able to be set free! The boys very cautiously walked out into the living room and sniffed around. They kept looking at me as if to be sure they were really allowed to be out there.

I have some pictures of them modeling on the news floors, and will post them when I get a chance.

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