Tuesday, March 15, 2011

cheap fix

I am so excited right now! What is all the fuss about? A litter box. No, seriously... a litter box!

So, let's get personal... here is one of my bathrooms. It is the designated "cat bathroom"

can you see the litter box? No, but you can see the copious amount of litter we keep around! Litter is a big deal with cats. I won't lie- it can be a pain. It is not pleasant to deal with and it gets everywhere. I have a long rug down on the tile floor to help trap the litter before they reach the hallway. Where is the box?
Behind the curtain in the bathtub! And, yes, they still get litter everywhere. Just like little boys sometimes they miss their target and they can be a mess. I have been doing everything I could to keep it clean.
So today I came up with a brilliant idea for a new litter box. And then I came up with a cheap fix that I could actually implement now. To my credit I came up with the second idea and sketched it out and while searching the internet found it already exists... but it ain't cheap!

Their box is about $35!!!

My box was $5.99 from Target (18 gallon plastic tote with high sides) and I am going to cut a hole in the top, although larger than the small round one they have. I thought about the traction benefit they have built into their lid, but if I can get the cats to really use the box there is all sorts of solutions to that! So.... I am going to go cut a hole in the lid tonight and just have it in the living room to see how they interact with the box.... if they jump inside then I will slowly transition them into this box. I really hope this works because I will feel like such a genius :)

and for your viewing pleasure... a few more of the boys ;)

The boys were very curious as to what I was doing to their litter area (taking pictures)... they had to inspect Porter scratching and stretching
Charlie refusing to pose for a picture
I will be sure to update on the success of the box!

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