Friday, July 29, 2011

fat cats

Got back from the vet yesterday and he had the nerve to tell me Charlie was obese. I think that is a stretch. I know he has a little pouch, but he isn't OBESE. Anyway, he was 14.2LBS and apparently needs to lose 2lbs to not be obese anymore. Porter is a steady 12lbs in the past 2 years. I have been wanting to switch them to a canned food/raw meat diet anyway, and this is a good enough reason for me.

There is a ton of information on cat food out there that is completely bogus. Like- feed your cat dry kibble to keep their teeth clean. OK. With the same logic I should eat Cheerios everyday so I will not need a trip to the dentist?! It doesn't work that way. Also, cats don't eat and don't want carbohydrates in their natural environment- undomesticated cats want MEAT! Not rice flour, cranberries, carrots, whole grains... that is people food. They want muscles and bones and organs. All the good stuff.

People get grossed out by the thought of a meat diet so it is much cheaper and easier to feed kibble. Heck, I have been doing it for 4 years now for that same reason ($). But dry kibble is nothing but junk food. It is like eating fast food everyday- it leads to obesity, (expensive) health problems, and a poor quality of life in general.

These cats don't get treats, and we feed them the measured amount on the dry kibble bag. Yet, they are still overweight? There has to be a link there to the quality of their food. I am convinced of it now. I had my wake-up call finally.

I think we will start with a canned food- a good one with meat as the first ingredient and no wheat products listed anywhere in the first 5 ingredients. Don't get all your feathers ruffled up by the negative "meat by-product" campaign so many dry food companies have been doing. Most of the time that means chicken beaks and cartilage.. you know... the stuff cats would eat when they are out there hunting mice, and birds, and rabbits. It isn't people food that cats need, we need to stop treating it that way.

Eventually I want them on Feline's Pride food... but it will take some convincing for Mark that it is worth the price.

OK, kitty boys... time to whip you into shape!

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  1. Set a trap for baby bunnies and they will eat good!!!! yummy bunny meat!-mom