Wednesday, January 5, 2011

turns out cats don't like company....

Hello 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas with my mom and dad visiting us from Kansas. We had a great time... the cats however were a bit flustered. They were slinking around the perimeter of the room and sniffing everything that crossed their path. You could really see they were trying to figure out who were these people in THEIR home and where are the treats they should be feeding us?!? They sure did not mind the extra scratches and head rubs that were recieved.

So, I do not always have something to say about my cats... I lie. I am always talking about my cats to anyone who will listen to me! But, blogging about them is only fun when there is something silly to talk about- otherwise it is just 24/7 crazy cat lady. If you find yourself curious about what I have to say when I am not talking about my cats, you can check out my other blog HERE

So, until next time...

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