Tuesday, December 7, 2010

kitty in the tree

So, in years past with our one cat, Porter, we put up the Christmas tree and had to put up with some mildly bad behavior. Climbing in the tree, chewing the tree... I am afraid he will bite the light cord!

Porter in the tree, 2009

This year with our wild child, Charlie, I don't think a tree is the best idea. Maybe. I keep wondering if we had a real tree, would they be put off by the smell and taste if they tried to bite it? I would not try any lights until I knew they were no longer interested in biting the tree.

It just seems like too much to go get a tree. And one of those tree stands. And get it home. And put it up. And.... I just do not want to.

This year I think we will try a fresh evergreen wreath for the front door :)

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